Food…the resonance of that word makes me feel very good… I believe there is a story behind every piece of food; every act of cooking is an act of love. Or, I could come up with another analogy, though I’m not too sure if it’s palatable. Cooking is like sex, when you’re having fun, something good comes out of it – the creative energy unleashed is fruitful. But when you don’t enjoy it and it’s just a chore, the result and the resultant emotion is drab – like the unending wiping of hotel tables. But for me food and cooking is not a desultory exercise, rather everything accompanying it is important and to be enjoyed…in fact, relished.

Food is one of the important ways I relate to places besides the landscape. I don’t know if that is an odd thing to do but I did mention that when I think of Bengal, I don’t think of the chief minister but rosagullas. In fact, I even wondered aloud, why would you think of the Chief Minister?? It provoked derisive laughter from my friends *shrugging shoulders*.

My food philosophy is live to eat because I would not pass up an opportunity to sample a new cuisine, eat one more piece of that delectable curry that has been lightly spiced with…ok I’m salivating.

However, I don’t believe in gorging indiscriminately nor am I eating at all hours. I believe in the process of fasting, after all, it slows down the process of aging so doing it once a week is good. I want to be like the French writer Collette who was a gourmand (a nice way to say glutton). She kept up a vigorous exercise regime so that she could keep eating. 😀

So my body philosophy is eat all you want and exercise all you must. I’m having trouble following the latter injunction but I intend to do my best. But you know good intentions invisiblise with the blueberry cheesecake… 😀