A writer #SherylPuthur

Soft sunlight

Sheets of paper

Warm coffee

And a smudgy pencil

– it makes my day.


I scribble I doodle

I fill the pages.

I sip the coffee

and bite into the chocolate

– the crushed cocoa melts.


I wonder I dream

I illustrate the scenes.

My characters move

they breathe, they feel

– I am their God, I hold their strings.


I’m not heartless

or withdrawn.

I’m involved, I feel

They feel what I feel

– A literary mirror to me.


I write I read

I cut I erase

I experience a world

far brighter than mine

– A portal to another life.


I used to think my soulmate would be someone #SherylPuthur

I used to think my soulmate would be someone

who doesn’t like chocolates.

But I have now realised, my soulmate

Will be the one who will eat the piece of chocolate

I mentally claimed

and then laugh uproariously at my expense.

And when I am close to tears, after having raged in impotent fury,

will comfort me with hugs and warm chocolate breath