Apathy covers my heart
like a shell I can’t break
like a forcefield no superhero could have placed

Or maybe it is one,
One of those sad-sack types,
that has turned off ze empathy switch.

Feelings — like a sore in the mouth
that your tongue constantly irritates
-an etched reminder

Of mistakes, mischances, mis-words
played over and over again
Just like that accidental bite

At the sore spot
Drawing blood
And doing it again

But not accidentally anymore
Till that forcefield comes
And everything glazes over


A writer #SherylPuthur

Soft sunlight

Sheets of paper

Warm coffee

And a smudgy pencil

– it makes my day.


I scribble I doodle

I fill the pages.

I sip the coffee

and bite into the chocolate

– the crushed cocoa melts.


I wonder I dream

I illustrate the scenes.

My characters move

they breathe, they feel

– I am their God, I hold their strings.


I’m not heartless

or withdrawn.

I’m involved, I feel

They feel what I feel

– A literary mirror to me.


I write I read

I cut I erase

I experience a world

far brighter than mine

– A portal to another life.

I used to think my soulmate would be someone #SherylPuthur

I used to think my soulmate would be someone

who doesn’t like chocolates.

But I have now realised, my soulmate

Will be the one who will eat the piece of chocolate

I mentally claimed

and then laugh uproariously at my expense.

And when I am close to tears, after having raged in impotent fury,

will comfort me with hugs and warm chocolate breath