Take Flight… #SherylPuthur

The morning rays are disturbing me, I cautiously open my eyes. The day is bright and beckoning and I feel a wave of optimism ruffle my feathers.

I step out of my nest and walk slowly towards the edge of the cliff. I look down and gulp. I can see the waves crash against the rocks with ferocity, and the sea mist rise. The smell is one I grew up with, I take reassurance in it but the waves scare me.

I’m just about to step back, when I hear a collective hiss. The message is clear- Take Flight.

I look around; there isn’t anybody. My family is faraway scouring the seas for food. I have ventured before but with one of them; never alone.

I’m in the grips of indecision and I hear the collective hiss again.

I realise now.

They are my alters. Fragmented and wanting. They want to be united in me- safe and sheltered.

But for that, I need to take flight. Alone.

I push one foot back; I hear an odd silence, like breath being held. I open my wings. I haven’t spread them in ages and the effort is painful, but I do it. I see the light of the sun gleam on my white speckled feathers, I flap it. I can feel the sea wind. I flap it more and the wind enters beneath my feet.

I can’t feel the ground anymore. I feel light and free.

There is this immense joy within me- the joys of a lot of souls.

I feel one with the universe…because…I have taken flight…

3 thoughts on “Take Flight… #SherylPuthur

  1. Very inspiring ! I could find the message from Richard Bach’s … Seagull in this small piece of article 🙂 Cheers 😀

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